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Title: Macintosh... The Naked Truth
Author: Scott Kelby
Publisher: New Riders
Copyright: 2002
ISBN: 0-735-71284-0
Pages: 220
Price: $19.99
Rating: 90%
The author of this book is sick and deserves to be placed in a nice jacket and driven off by men in white coats. Coming from a Windows person, I'm sure the author Scott Kelby would be proud of such a compliment.

The book, Macintosh... The Naked Truth provides a series of rants and raves about the Macintosh from someone who has been involved with the system since its early days. With frequent stories of PC Weenies knowing nothing of the Mac yet slamming them as soon as they learn you use one, you'll find here a book full of puns and story lines sick even for the Jerry Springer show, "Macs, and the Women Who Love Them."


Frequently presented in a problem-solution approach, where you're presented with a situation and then told how to deal with it, Macintosh... The Naked Truth provides a very light-hearted read for the computer enthusiast. Typical scenarios discussed include dealing with your local supply superstore and Apple management (or just the company). Whapping the sales person (and management) on the head a few times seems like the right response in most cases. Meant more for the die-hard Macintosh people, those in the PC community will find the book both entertaining and informative, too.


Other humorous elements of the book include the "Am I a Mac person or PC person?" personality test, of which I scored on the PC side of Borderline, and excerpts from pro-PC user letters to the author as editor of Mac Today / Mac Design magazine. While I don't doubt users would actually write these things, one has to wonder if these were actually received or just created for the pleasure of the book. Some of these are just so out there you gotta wonder about the stupid PC users of world.


The book ends with a series of pot shots against Microsoft and the media with what seems like a top ten list of why PC users are stupid. There's even twenty reasons why Macintosh users are the greatest thing since, well, ever it seems according to the author.


Overall, even for a PC user, the book provides a quick but enjoyable take on life as a Mac user and the frustrations they must deal with. At the very least, the Mac user will learn some good responses for the typical jabs they receive from the diehard PC users. Most of the stories any well worn Mac user should have already run across.

John Zukowski does strategic Java consulting with JZ Ventures to provide direction, architectural advice, design, debugging, and code reviews, plus custom solution development. He received a B.S. in computer science and mathematics from Northeastern University and an M.S. in computer science from Johns Hopkins University.