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4/17/14 Transborder Data Flows and Data Privacy Law Kuner 100%
10/23/11 Privacy and Big Data Craig and Ludloff 93%
1/19/04 Spying with Maps Monmonier 90%
10/6/03 The Soft Cage Parenti 90%
3/3/03 World Without Secrets Hunter 93%
2/10/03 Be Careful Who You SLAPP Delfino and Day 59%
2/3/03 Web Privacy with P3P Cranor 89%
3/28/01 Crypto Levy 92%
6/23/00 The Age of Access Rifkin 85%
4/20/00 Database Nation Garfinkel 88%
7/29/98 The Transparent Society Brin 91%
3/26/98 Privacy on the Line Diffie and Landau 89%
2/15/98 Technology and Privacy: The New Landscape Agre and Rotenberg (eds.) 92%
2/15/98 Who Knows: Safeguarding Your Privacy in a Networked World Cavoukian and Tapscott 84%
2/15/98 Who Owns Information: From Privacy to Public Access Branscomb 88%
2/15/98 The Right to Privacy Alderman and Kennedy 81%

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