Technology and Society Book Reviews

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1/2/2018 Jade City Lee
11/17/2017 Null States Older
6/7/2016 Infomocracy Older
4/15/2012 Ready Player One Cline
5/29/2009 This is Not a Game Williams
7/1/2004 The Bug Ullman
3/8/2004 Eastern Standard Tribe Doctorow
3/1/2004 Singularity Sky Stross
5/5/2003 Exploring the Matrix Haber
4/21/2003 Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom Doctorow
2/17/2003 Pattern Recognition Gibson
5/5/2002 The Dreams Our Stuff Is Made Of Disch
4/22/2002 The Player of Games Banks
10/15/2001 Manifold: Time Baxter

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